Of more than 10 wonderful years of being in the beauty industry, one thing that struck me was that it’s true, Koreans do have amazing skin. The media isn’t exaggerating– I spent every day during a therapist course I took up in Gangnam marvelling at everyone’s sparkling complexions! Let’s check out how they achieve it.


Why are Koreans so crazy about this medicinal herb? Not only does it have scores of benefits such as improving cardiovascular health, preventing cancer and sharpening mental function, but it has great anti-ageing qualities. By lengthening the lifespan of cells along with thoroughly rejuvenating them, this results in maintaining skin elasticity, which even suppresses the development of wrinkles from taking place. This is definitely a power-packed addition that would bring any beauty guru’s diet up several notches.


One often underlooked procedure is misting. In Korea, you might catch women spraying mist on their faces at any time and at anywhere. This is actually an integral ingredient in attaining their supple, delicate complexions Koreans are famous for sporting– in fact, most dare say that Mist is even more important than traditional moisturiser. While there are various Mist products out there, each differently formulated to meet every single need, its core benefit is that it is a marvellous hydrator that firms and refreshes the skin.

Face Massages

Incorporate mini spa sessions into your daily routine by treating your face to simple massages before bedtime. Boosted circulation does wonders as it accelerates the process of removing metabolic waste from cells, while supplying them with nutrients from the blood at a much faster rate, resulting in the coveted dewy glow most of us strive so hard for. This knowledge is well grasped by many Koreans as they normally ease products into their skin using gentle, circular motions, and it is common to encounter clinics advertising budget facial massage services at every turn in South Korean cities. There are many easy yet effective sequences to learn online.


This might sound like common sense to some seasoned beauty veterans, but some people still have not understood the severity of applying this. The sun’s UV rays are the top contributing factor to facial discolourations and wrinkles! Hence, to circumvent this, always remember to wear a thin layer of non-comedogenic sunblock before heading outside. Remember, prevention is always better than cure.

Barley Tea

Yet another tasty addition to this pantheon of exciting tips is Barley Tea. A favourite among Koreans, its delicious nutty flavour is a huge plus point given the advantages offered, namely being chock-full of antioxidants and vitamins. Did you know that it is normally served to babies to fortify their skin and general well-being? Interestingly, Barley is also anti-bacterial and even assists in weight loss, so there’s no caveat at all in drinking this yummy brew.

The 10 Second Rule

If you see your Korean friend always rushing straight out of the bath this is due to a popular notion where any skincare items should be applied within 10 seconds of exiting the shower. They believe that this is the most ideal time to do so because pores are open due to the steam and would hence be more receptive to absorption, ensuring that you get your every cent’s worth of the product.

While I’m sure there are many other methods out there, these are my personal favourites because they are simple and bear noticeable effects. Let me know if my recommendations have helped you in the comments!