About Us

Cheongdam 청담 Korean Skin Management

Our obsession with Korean Beauty and perfect, glowing skin leads to the launch of the 1st authentic Korean Skin Management Centre in Singapore.

Breaking away from traditional facial spa methods and techniques, Cheongdam 청담 Korean Skin Management aims to introduce a beauty culture that focuses on treating skin problems and issues by using 100% Korean imported medical-grade machines, products and technologies.

We strive to be the bridge that brings the trendiest and most effective world-class beauty procedures from Korea to Singapore, bringing customers closer to beautiful, flawless and makeup-less skin.

Our Philosophy

Korean - Trained Aestheticians

Taking care of your skin is our top priority, so selecting our skin experts is a rigorous process. Our team of aestheticians is knowledgeable about skin and well-trained in Korean beauty methods and skills. Regular training is conducted to keep up with the standards and latest technology in the beauty industry.

Values in Customer Satisfaction

Our team strives to provide the best experience for customers in all aspects. This includes offering high-quality treatments without charging exorbitant prices. Providing sincere and genuine solutions is an important value of ours. As we like to call it, “We sell solutions, not gimmicks.”

Awards and Recognition

Many customers have contacted us with positive reviews and encouragement. Among them were reviews and feedback that we wholeheartedly accepted and for which we are very grateful because they help us improve constantly. Working with some of the best partners and skin ambassadors is our greatest honour. We are proud to be recognised by the voters and editors by winning the Daily Vanity Spa Awards for Best Korean Facial and Best Scar Whitening Facial.

The Cheongdam 청담 Approach


Skin Analysis

Treatment Customisation

Skin Maintenance