Beauty addicts are quick to hop on the latest trend of oxygen facials and treatment, echoing the amazing effect it has on the skin. Oxygen is far from foreign to us, but the notion of delivering it into the epidermis is novel. A typical procedure would involve applying a stream of high-pressurised oxygen infused with botanical, vitamin, mineral, and nutrient extracts to the face and neck regions. The oxygen acts as an efficient catalyst for the moisturising agents to be better absorbed into the skin, leaving it refreshed, plump and smooth, resulting in a youthful look! It is suitable for all skin types, too.

Let’s take a glimpse at science-backed evidence on the whys and hows of its benefits on complexion, and if it really works. Here are some studies that reinforce why our skin actually requires oxygen to be at its best.

Oxygen Stimulates Collagen Production

It’s no secret that collagen is one of the key components to a more radiant appearance. Apart from strengthening skin, it supports elasticity and hydration. Hence, the reduction of collagen as we age is a main contributing factor to why wrinkles occur over time. Fortunately, if you’re able to increase your oxygen intake, this addresses the pinnacle of this issue by boosting collagen growth and thus helping to maintain firmness.

Oxygen is Vital to Detoxification

All living beings require a sufficient amount of oxygen in their system to rid their bodies of waste products. How this is achieved is that oxygen breaks down the tens of thousands of potentially harmful toxins that enter our bloodstream every day into their basic elements which can then be safely flushed out. This process is none other than oxidation. Living in Singapore, which is an urban, metropolitan environment insinuates that we experience constant exposure to high levels of pollution and dirt.

Hence, as the concentration of toxins increases, more oxygen intake will be required to maintain the vitality and health of our bodies, which includes our skin. Did you know that our skin is the largest organ in our bodies? We can then gather that people who sport a dull, lifeless complexion likely suffer from a lack of oxygen. This probably also explains why those who exercise often boast a ‘glowing’ and revitalised look.

Oxygen Assists Healing and Prevents Acne 

Oxygen plays a huge part in tissue regeneration. Its unique qualities allow it to fend off bacteria on top of stimulating the birth of new blood vessels and cells. Typically, acne is the unsightly and occasionally painful result of clogged pores which go on to catch more pathogens and dirt. Given its antibacterial properties, oxygen seems to be able to circumvent this phenomenon leaving a flawless and pristine surface.

This aside, oxygen is also crucial in cellular regeneration which helps the healing of scars commonly left behind from aggressive outbreaks. Science backed research sheds light on this– oxygen has a clever way of speeding up the turnover rate at which cells get replaced, after existing ones reach the end of their life cycle. Thus, with more of it in your body, the better your skin shines.

With all these terrific benefits in tow and no negative side effects, there is no question why oxygen facials (5-STEP PURE OXYGEN THERAPY at $268 and ASTRODOME O2 8 STEPS FACIAL at $380) are one of the most sought after procedures here at Cheongdam Skincare. We have received overwhelming feedback and demand from our lovely customers regarding the hassle-free and relaxing experience that has led to a vast improvement in their skin condition.

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