Shiny Pumpkin Peel
펌킨필 테라피

This is a hypoallergenic peeling that combines 100% natural enzymes from pumpkin and AHA and BHA ingredients that provide effective exfoliation while removing coarse and fine dead skin cells. More

Double Peel Therapy
더블필 테라피

It is especially recommended for acne skin, oily skin or sallow skin as it effectively exfoliates through AHA, while BHA helps remove black and white heads. 

$179.76 More

Korean Mochi Skin Laser
크림 피부 레니저

Did you know that the latest Korean skin trend is called “Cream Skin”? Some Koreans are slowly moving away from dewy and glowing “glass skin” to what is called “cream skin” – a slightly softer and less shiny look that is much easier to maintain. 

$201.16 More

5-Step Pure Oxygen Therapy
옥시크로 퓨어 산소 테라피

Our unique medical active oxygen program, adopted from Korean skin centres, is a non-invasive, natural and safe treatment that offers many benefits for the skin and body. 

$286.76 More

Astrodome O2 8 Steps Facial 
아스트로돔 순수 산소 피부 관리

The Astrodome O2 Facial is the world’s first LPE therapy consisting of an NIR and anion plus oxygen mist spray system. The combination of LPE therapy (Light Pulsed Energy), NIR (Near Infrared) and anion mist allows deep penetration into 

$406.60 More

Cheongdam HIFULDM

Cheongdam HiFULDM is a non-invasive dual skin remodelling system that combines the technology of HiFU and LDM in one session

$415.16 More

Focused UltraSound Face Lifting
초점 울트라사운드 페이스 리프팅

Focused Ultrasound Face Lifting is an effective skin treatment for tightening, lifting and firming sagging skin.

$642.00 More

Focused UltraSound Double Chin Lifting
초점 울트라사운드 더블턱 리프팅

Focused Ultrasound Double Chin Lifting is an effective double chin treatment to reduce the double chin and gives a defined jawline. 

$267.50 More