Rejuran Glass Skin Booster
리쥬란 클래스 스킨 부스터

REJURAN Glass Skin Booster is a multifunctional skin treatment product that delivers c-PDRN, Hyaluronic Acid, and 4 types of amino acids for better skin aesthetic effect. It is a highly purified product extracted using DOT’s patented technology (DNA Optimising Technology), and its molecule is 670 times smaller than the pore size. 

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Rejuran Snow Skin Tone-Up Booster
레쥬란 백설 공주 시킨 톤업 부스터

REJURAN Snow Skin Tone-Up Booster contains 6 combined active ingredients to promote collagen production. It stimulates the fibroblasts to re-stimulate the production of collagen. Another highlight of REJURAN Snow Skin Tone-Up Booster is a depigmentation agent, 

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Chanel Skin Booster
샤넬피부 부스터

NCTF FillMed (previously known as Filorga) is one of the most popular skin boosters in Korea, and it is in almost every skin clinic in Seoul.

Studies Efficacy Observation:

  • 132% Improved Overall Hydration
  • 144% Improvement of Skin Radiance
  • 103% Improvement of Skin Elasticity
  • 72% Reduction in Fine Lines & Wrinkles

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Exosome Magic Skin Booster
엑소좀 매직 스킨 부스터

Exosome Magic Skin Booster (a.k.a ASCE+ Derma Signal SRLV) is a professional cosmetic treatment containing the world’s first stem cell-derived pure exosome, for skin rejuvenation, resilience, hydration and anti-inflammation. ASCE+ Derma Signal SRLV helps efficiently increases skin’s moisture and creates anti-aging effect.