Korean Signature 10-Step Skin Treatment 한국 시그니쳐 10 스텝 스킨 트리트먼트

This is a unique and customisable mix & match skin care program where you can combine different machines to treat your skin concerns.

Our personalised signature 10-step Korean facial uses high-quality machines and products, 100% imported directly from Korea, that you can mix and match to achieve the desired hangul glow and radiance that women crave! From pre-treatment skin analysis to post-treatment skincare consultation, we have it all for you! Cheongdam 청담 Korean Skin Management is here to guide you on your journey to healthy, beautiful skin.

Korean Signature 10-Step Skin Treatment includes 3 machines, customising precisely what your skin needs!

Korean Signature 10-Step Skin Treatment

Key benefits

Since this is a customised skin treatment program, we need to get to know you personally to know what your skin has been through and what you would like to improve. This is because by talking to you, we can offer you the most appropriate treatments and products that best suit you. We promise you that it will be an in-depth professional skin analysis that you will not regret.