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Our skin is exposed to pollution and ultraviolet rays daily. Constant exposure can cause a decrease in collagen and elastin production, thinning of the dermal layer, and skin elasticity deterioration. REJURAN skin boosters address the signs of ageing by repairing the skin from within.

REJURAN skin boosters are skin restorative treatment that reduces and repairs signs of ageing by reactivating the skin’s healing ability to restore its collagen regeneration. It gives the skin a smoother, refreshed, brighter and more hydrated appearance.

REJURAN is composed of a DNA fragment, PDRN, that is extracted from salmon sperm. The products do not contain any odours of fish as it has been processed and purified for the use of skin treatments. REJURAN is stable, safe, and biocompatible with human skin.



REJURAN Glass Skin Booster is a multifunctional skin treatment product that delivers c-PDRN, Hyaluronic Acid, and 4 types of amino acids for better skin aesthetic effect. It is a highly purified product extracted using DOT’s patented technology (DNA Optimising Technology), and its molecule is 670 times smaller than the pore size. This means that REJURAN Glass Skin Booster can penetrate through the skin effortlessly for the nutrients to be delivered quickly.  With the double solution usage., it can restore skin to its healthy state and repair any damage caused by external factors.

REJURAN Glass Skin Booster is the secret to youthful and radiant skin for Korean celebrities. Why is that? It has Filogra (Chanel) Skin Booster properties added; hence, REJURAN Glass Skin Booster is touted to be the latest Hermes version of skin booster.

REJURAN Glass Skin Booster is proven to be safe and efficacy by more than 2,000 scientific journals and 7 major medical centres worldwide.  


  • Skin and cell regeneration with its potent ingredients (c-PDRN + Hyaluronic Acid + 4 types of amino acid).
  • Helps maintain and stimulates collagen production.
  • Reactivates skin cells.
  • Increases skin elasticity.
  • Repairs damaged cells and strengthens the skin barrier.
  • Deep skin hydration for visibly plump skin.
  • Reduces free radicals that cause ageing skin.
  • Controls sebaceous gland
  • Reduces wrinkles and fine lines.



REJURAN Snow Skin Tone-Up Booster has 6 combined active ingredients to boost collagen production. It stimulates the fibroblast to reawaken the production of collagen. Another highlight of the REJURAN Snow Skin Tone-Up Booster is that it has a depigmentation agent, which is excellent for treating pigmentation disorders such as melasma and age spots. Combined with glutathione, the REJURAN Tone-Up Booster can lighten pigmentation, even out skin tone, resulting in brighter, healthier skin that glows.  

REJURAN Snow Skin Tone-Up Booster normalises the skin regeneration cycle and stimulates the skin’s collagen production. It replenishes skin from the inside out and leaving it feeling hydrated, supple and soft. Like REJURAN Glass Skin Booster, it is also extracted using the patented DOT Technology for better skin absorption. Its unique skin rejuvenating properties improve ageing and damaged skin too, as well as cell renewal.    

REJURAN Snow Skin Tone-Up Booster contains 3 whitening ingredients for an excellent whitening effect. Its components are known to help with cell regeneration and repair as it has effective brightening and potent regenerative qualities. It also acts as a powerful antioxidant for protecting our skin from harmful UV rays. It also contains hyaluronic acid (HA) and panthenol for retaining moisture and promoting skin hydration, wound healing, and soothing our skin from environmental irritants.

When REJURAN Snow Skin Tone-Up Booster is infused into the dermis, it aids to trigger the skin’s collagen production and brighten up the skin tone. Its excellent skin softener (Panthenol) is known for its moisturising and soothing properties. It also contains Vitamin B5, which is essential for normal metabolism and hormone production.


–    Brightens (Re-Tone and Tone-Up) dull skin with its dual action of 2 formulations.

–    Improves uneven skin tone and skin texture.

–    Regulates collagen production.

–    Treats pigmentation disorder (melasma, age spot).

–    Evens out skin tone.

–    Soothes irritant skin.

–    Retains water for visibly plump skin.

–    Balances the PH level

–    Gives a healthier glow.

–    Fights and protects skin from harmful UV rays with its potent antioxidant properties.


  • REJURAN Glass Skin Booster aids the skin with hydration, anti-ageing and repair.
  • REJURAN Snow Skin Tone-Up Booster aids in whitening and illuminating with additional hydrating properties.

REJURAN skin boosters would be a solution for you if you are looking for:

–   Long-lasting skin renewal and healing.

–   Restoring the skin’s PH balance and pigmentation lightening.

–   Reduction of enlarged pores.

–   Improvement of skin’s texture.

–   Brightening up the skin tone.

–   Combating the effects of ageing.


1. What is the difference between REJURAN Skin Booster and REJURAN Tone Up Booster?

REJURAN Glass Skin Booster has ingredients that provide skin and cell rejuvenation and repair. It is perfect for skin surface inflammatory issues and seeking anti-ageing solutions.

REJURAN Snow Skin Tone-Up Booster provides additional skin enhancement with strong and powerful skin brightening and whitening agents and active ingredients.

Basically, REJURAN Glass Skin Booster aids the skin with hydration, anti-ageing and repair. REJURAN Snow Skin Tone-Up Booster aids in whitening and illuminating with additional hydrating properties. 

2. How many times do I need to see the effects?

A full course of the REJURAN Glass Skin Booster/ REJURAN Snow Skin Tone-Up Booster involves 6 initial bi-weekly treatments for the best results and followed by one every 1 to 3 months as maintenance. Results can be seen approximately 1 week after the first treatment, as the skin requires time to heal and regenerate. 

3. Is this done with injection?

For any REJURAN skin boosters it is best to administer it on the epidermal layer of the skin rather than injecting it. Methods for REJURAN skin boosters can be done with mirconeedling, iontophoresis, electrophoresis, etc. Unlike REJURAN Healer/ REJURAN S which are required to be injected for maximum effects.

4. Can pregnant lady do this treatment?

It is not recommended for pregnant women or breastfeeding mothers under 6 months. 

5. What are the side effects?

There are no known side effects, downtime or pain; however, should you choose the Microneedling method, there will be downtime of slight redness, which will subside over 2 – 3 days. However, REJURAN is derived from Salmon DNA, hence, if one is allergic to salmon or seafood are advised not to try the treatment.

6. How is it performed?

There are 3 options:

  • Nano Needleless (painless)
  • Stamping needling + Cryocell Electrophoresis (Invasive level: 1/5)
  • Microneedling (Invasive level: 2/5)

7. What type of skin is suitable for this treatment?

All skin types are suitable. For active acne skin conditions, we recommend using the ampoule with Cryocell Electrophoresis method instead.

8. What is the downtime for this treatment?

REJURAN skin boosters’ treatment is much bearable with little discomfort. Downtime is minor. You can continue your work or daily activities right after this treatment. For the Microneedling method, there will be some redness that will subside between 2 – 3 days. However, the rest of the methods will not cause any downtime. 

9. Can sensitive skin do this treatment?

Yes, sensitive skin will benefit from the treatment. However, REJURAN is derived from Salmon DNA; therefore, if one is allergic to salmon or seafood are advised not to try the treatment.

10. Is this safe? I see that this is usually done by doctors in SG.

This is a safe treatment, and it is approved by HSA. REJURAN skin boosters are proven to be safe and efficacy by more than 2,000 scientific journals and 7 major medical centres worldwide.

At Cheongdam 청담 Korean Skin Management, it is performed by only Korean-trained skilled aestheticians. We are specially trained by the distributor of this brand on the usage.  We are not a clinic, and we do not have doctors, thus the lower pricing. However, the methods are the same or similar. We provide it through various mesotherapy methods which you can choose from:

11. What’s the difference between REJURAN Skin Boosters and REJURAN Healer?


REJURAN Healer is called PN (PolyNucleotide), and salmon extract is the main ingredient. The salmon extract of PN is highly compatible with the human body, which is more than 95% identical. It has no side effects and is safe. REJURAN Healer uses the highest quality ingredients among PN.

REJURAN Healer is more painful during the procedure. The ingredients are injected directly into the deeper layer of the skin, and the nutrients penetrate without loss of ingredients. It is injected into the dermis layer to strengthen the skin.

REJURAN Healer has been further developed to address its shortcomings; hence, the newly released product of REJURAN Skin Boosters (REJURAN Glass Skin Booster and REJURAN Snow Skin Tone-Up Booster).


REJURAN Skin Boosters

(REJURAN Glass Skin Booster/ REJURAN Snow Skin Tone-Up Booster)

The ingredients of REJURAN Skin Boosters are like REJURAN Healer – a salmon-derived DNA ingredient. Compared to conventional PN, the molecules in REJURAN Skin Boosters are slightly smaller, so the absorption is relatively easy. It is called PDRN (Polydeoxyribonucleotides) with amino acid and hyaluronic acid. It helps to moisturise the skin’s surface and make it glow.

Since the molecular weight of the component is smaller than PN, instead of using the injection method like REJURAN Healer, the microneedling method (MTS) is used to create tiny holes in the skin so that the nutrients penetrate through the holes.

If pain is an issue, REJURAN Skin Boosters (REJURAN Glass Skin Booster/ REJURAN Snow Skin Tone-Up Booster) can be a great alternative!

12. Will I get the same effect as REJURAN Healer Injection?

Around 80% of the REJURAN skin boosters applied to the skin will be absorbed. 20% of the product will remain on the skin surface. In comparison, the REJURAN Healer injection has about 95% product penetration and absorption.

13. How many cc or ml is used for this treatment?

Depending on the treatment selected, the amount to be used for each booster is:

REJURAN Glass Skin Booster – 2ml

REJURAN Snow Skin Tone-Up Booster – 4.5ml

14. Are REJURAN skin boosters fillers?

REJURAN skin boosters are not fillers; it is a skin booster that aids in improving our skin condition. 

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