Scalp Deep Cleanse Peel
두피 딥 클렌징 필

A deep cleansing and exfoliation of the scalp. It not only cleanses the scalp, but also helps to get rid of harmful substances on the scalp, which can promote hair growth. It can even fortify existing hair and lead to thicker hair over time.

$183.12 nett

Scalp PDT Light Therapy
두피 PDT 조명 관리

Using a complex light source (special near-infrared elements with high brightness SMD LED) to solve skin problems on the scalp with LED and IR wavelengths. It has an excellent effect and provides safe care without the risk of heat damage, photoaging and wounds. Scalp PDT Light Therapy stimulates the blood vessels in the subcutaneous tissue to activate cell regeneration and metabolism of the scalp.

$95.92 nett

Scalp Scaling
두피 스케일링

An important hair treatment in Korean hair care. It is a gentle exfoliation that reduces and removes the accumulation of oil, sweat, dead skin cells, sebum and products on the scalp. It also gently removes pollutants and toxins that your hair and scalp have come into contact with. Scalp Scaling removes build-up that prevents effective hair follicle development. It promotes blood and oxygen circulation in the scalp, which in turn strengthens the hair follicles for stronger, smoother and softer strands.

It is also beneficial for those who want to improve their overall hair health.

$95.92 nett

Stem Cell Hair Wakening Program
엑소좀 머리카락 성장 프로그램

Stem cell hair wakening program is a non-surgical hair growth treatment that uses 100% Customised stem cell solution with 5 types of high concentration Growth Factors. It effectively treats hair loss problems and promotes hair growth.

Microneedling with stem cells is a versatile treatment and is not only used for hair loss. It increases blood flow to the scalp. When blood flow to the scalp is increased, the area is supplied with a greater amount of nutrients and oxygen. In this way, the hair follicles are supplied with everything they need for healthy, strong hair growth.

$183.12 nett

Exosome Magic Hair Growth Program
줄기세포 모발 각성 프로그램

EXOSOME Magic Hair Booster – Restoration of the hair cycle through 10 billion ExoSCRT exosomes.

EXOSOME Magic Hair Booster Program (a.k.a ASCE+ Scalp Care HRLV) has core ingredients that integrate stem cell efficacy with proteins and growth factors, lipids, etc. The excellent absorption by the skin is only 1/100 the size of skin cells, with structure similar to that of skin cells. This means that the molecules are small and therefore effective.

ASCE+ Scalp Care HRLV provides fundamental care for weakened hair and scalp, suitable for both men and women.

$1,068.20 nett