6D Hangul Artistry

6D Hangul Brow Artistry
6D 한글 눈썹 자수

6D Hangul Brow Artistry is a technique using microblading to create the imitation of real-like hair strokes. This creation is to achieve fuller, natural-looking and more defined brows.

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Hangul Brow Shadowing
한글 눈썹 섀도 잉

Hangul Brow Shadowing is a technique using a specialised machine to create a nice gradient of colour on the brows and imitate the creation of pencil drew-on effect.

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Powdery Brow Artistry

Powdery Brow Artistry
파우더리 눈썹 아티스트

Powdery Brow Artistry is a new and increasingly popular technique in Korea. This technique uses only microblading to achieve an imitation of gradient soft powdery shadow effects on the brows.

From $632.20 nett

6D Silky Brow Artistry

6D Silky Brow Artistry
6D 실키 눈썹 섀도 잉

6D Silky Brow Shadowing Artistry combines the effects of shadowing and microblading to acheive a gradient brow colour with real-life hair strokes.

From $741.20 nett

Natural Eyeliner
내추럴 아이 라이너 자수

Natural Eyeliner is created to achieve a soft, thin and subtle line on the lash line to create bigger and defined-looking eyes while looking natural.

$527.04 nett

2-In-1 Eyeliner

Korea 2-in-1 Eyeliner
한국 2 IN 1 아이 라이너

Creative Eyeliner Artistry is to create the imitation of eyeliner drew-on effects on the eyelids.

$640.92 nett