Most of us might be familiar with the term ‘Stem Cell Treatment”, knowing immediately that this phrase refers to a special kind of tissue regeneration therapy. Stem Cell therapy broke the beauty market in recent years, offering and often yielding fantastic results on reversing the ageing effects on skin and hair.

For the purpose of deeper understanding, let’s touch briefly on what a Stem Cell really is. It is actually deemed an undifferentiated cell, otherwise named as a “mimicking cell”, which grows according to the cells they come into contact with. Subsequently, once they have assimilated, the stem cells start repairing and replenishing the tissue that they have fused with.

The next question would naturally be how stem cells are able to achieve this result. The answer is due to the presence of Exosomes.

So what is an exosome and how does it ensure skin youth?

Exosomes act as minute messengers for your skin cells. After a stem cell has divided four times, exosomes are in charge of retaining this information and passing it on, via merging with other older cells and releasing instructions on how they rejuvenate themselves. These cells that have received the commands from them then act accordingly, against the natural order of withering away.

Exosomes are the ‘directors’ of every cell, facilitating the exchange and movements of RNA, proteins, fibroblasts and more. The passing of Cytokines and growth factors are also part of what is conducted by Exosomes. Hence, when Exosomes are applied onto our skin, we cut through the arduous cellular division process and directly enter the stage of replenishment and revitalisation. This obviously gives rise to the development of plump, dewy and radiant skin!

If this calls out to you and you’re keen, we at Cheongdam 청담 Korean Skin Management are glad to help you achieve the complexion of your dreams, thanks to our newest addition of Exosome Treatments in our centres! The following is what you can expect after undergoing our Exosome Treatment:

  • Deep hydration of your skin, which combats chronic dryness
  • Improved tissue health, down to the cellular level
  • Notable reduction in wrinkles, fine lines, discolouration and age spots
  • Diminished redness and inflammation
  • 180% increase in Fibroblasts
  • 300% increase in Elastin which helps to give your skin a firm appearance

As Exosomes are nano-particles with an extremely tiny molecule, it easily penetrates tissue and thus gets absorbed into the skin very easily. This procedure is non-invasive, fuss-free, and produces fantastic yield simply by being incorporated as part of a basic facial. With that said, the addition of Exosomes into various treatments brings the effect to the next level.

Whether it’s a microneedling treatment, chemical peel, or nano-fractional micro-needling treatment, including Exosomes would enhance the desired outcomes by a far margin as they are able to enter the core layers of the skin and speed up the healing process. Exosome treatments are perfect if you’re intending to prevent or repair the signs of ageing. What’s more, they are hypoallergenic and safe for all skin types!

So if you have been searching up vigorously on Stem Cell treatments in hopes of regenerating your skin or retaining its vitality, it’s time to switch your focus onto Exosome treatments. It is the surefire and latest proven method to restore your complexion, decrease wrinkles and age spots, along with firming and tightening the skin.

How lucky we are to be living in an age where science has brought us to the fountain of youth. What next, the elixir of immortality? Come down to Cheongdam 청담 Korean Skin Management to enjoy a first-hand experience of this transformative discovery!