What is EXOSOMES And EXOSOME Skin Booster?

The Secret Messenger of Our Body – EXOSOMES

Our body consists of about 200 types of cells. And they certainly have other ways of communicating. 

Cells communicate with each other through special a messenger. They contain their message into this special messenger so they can communicate and deliver information. This messenger, which is the most important factor in “Cell-to-Cell communication” mechanism, is what we called “EXOSOMES”.

Think of EXOSOMES as WhatsApp. We use it daily to communicate with others, delivering information. Using this theory, it is not difficult to understand that EXOSOMES sends messages to where the active ingredients should be transferred.  

EXOSOMES is also called The AVATARS of Cells. EXOSOMES contains numerous growth factors, anti-inflammatory cytokines and genetic materials responsible for tissue repair and immune modulation and transfer these actives ingredients to other cells. These powerful messengers act as ‘AVATARS’ of the cells.

EXOSOME Skin Booster (a.k.a ASCE+ Derma Signal SRLV) is a professional cosmetic treatment containing the world’s first stem cell-derived pure exosome, for skin rejuvenation, resilience, hydration and anti-inflammation. ASCE+ Derma Signal SRLV helps efficiently increases skin’s moisture and creates anti-ageing effect. Experiments have shown that with the use of ASCE+ Derma Signal SRLV, collagen is increased by 600% and elastin is increased by 300%.  It is a 4th generation skin booster ampoule famous for its long-lasting pore erasing effect.

ASCE+ Derma Signal SRLV contains not only exosome powder, but also has high content of macromolecular HA component, 9 types of Growth Factors complex, 6 types of Peptides, 6 types of minerals, 30 types of Amino Acids, 4 types of Coenzyme, Glutathione, Retinol and vitamins in a single mixture. That’s almost 60 nutrients in one treatment session!

ASCE+ Derma Signal SRLV has the same effect of stem cells and helps the vitalisation of natural skin by affecting skin cells effectively.