Wrinkles are a dreaded symptom of ageing because they are unsightly, and only appear on older people. However, what not many people know is that they often reveal more about our bodies than just our age. Face-mapping experts have utilised these as a tool to determine the state of our health because different portions of our face are known to correlate with various other parts of the body. Scroll down to find out more about what those pesky lines on your face are really trying to tell you!

Horizontal Forehead Wrinkles
More commonly known as worry lines, these indicate that one is bottling up lots of stress as their name might suggest. They are also resonant of the stomach’s state where it is absorbing insufficient water, but too much sugar and fat. If you discover them on your forehead, it’s time to be more diet conscious!

Eyebrow Lines
Slanted lines between your eyebrows signal that your liver, spleen, or both are weak. Fortunately, there are many foods that help to boost the health of these organs such as vegetables, fruits and grains. Cut back on sugar, coffee, salt and spice!

Crow’s Feet
These are wrinkles that fan out from the sides of the eyes and can be accentuated by squinting too much. Alternatively, they also symbolise the condition of internal organs such as the stomach, kidney and liver, prompting for a better diet and exercise regimen.

Under-eye Circles and Bags
These are tell-tale signs of a weak kidney and circulatory system, which can be strengthened with consuming lots of fruits and vegetables along with regular exercise. Even a massage might improve the condition.

Mouth Lines
It’s fairly common for most people to sport two downward sloping lines at the sides of their mouths. This area is actually linked to the colon. To support colon health, simply consume lots of fiber, Vitamin D and plenty of fluids. Don’t forget to throw in some workouts into the mix!

Laugh Lines
Like their name suggests, these are often caused by laughing a lot over time, which is perfectly normal. However, these might also be an effect of a weak pancreas. Some foods that can revitalise the pancreas are blueberries, cherries, grapes, garlic, and spinach.

Upper Lip Lines
These are a feature smokers normally form, but bad habits aside, these can appear in individuals whose spleens are not in top form. To combat this problem, chow down on lots of root vegetables, such as squash, turnips, and carrots. Small and frequent meals are also favoured by the spleen.

Neck Lines
Grooves formed in the neck region are often caused by excessive weight, hence leading to the phenomenon of a ‘double chin’. But if you are of normal mass and experience this, it may be a call for concern as malfunctioning thyroid glands also produce this symptom. If this is the case, pop some zinc supplements and eliminate gluten from your diet.

Lower Lip Line
Cleft chins, which are akin to a little dimple in the chin, are a common feature. But if yours emerges between the lower lip and slightly above the chin, it could signify the build up of negative emotions.
Holding on to bad sentiments can be detrimental to your mental well-being and will inevitably affect you physically in time to come. If it is reflected in this tiny lip line, it might be time to let go of any frustration or anger that has been accumulating up inside.

What do you think of the lines on your face after reading this? Do you feel that it corresponds aptly to your overall health? Let us know!